“COGENT deliver results, it’s in their DNA”.

COGENT Executive is a new breed of a corporate business partner.

Born out of the need to combine the strategic and advisory consultancy model with the business needs of actual delivery, Transition Management as a sector was created by our Founder & CEO John McLaughlin.

Our Founder

John McLaughlin
John McLaughlinFounder & CEO

Our founder and CEO, John McLaughlin has been at the forefront of delivering business transformation for the past 30 years and leads the COGENT Executive Team.

His passion for providing real solutions to business led him to create the Transition Management movement

He is known as one of the best-connected individuals within the industry and has assembled an industry elite team of COGENT Executives to deliver a real alternative to the traditional consultancy model.

John retains an active role within the business providing his wealth of project management experience in ensuring the extremely high standard that his clients have come to expect.

He continues to innovate and challenge business methodologies as well as being a respective advisor and Author within the business community.

His latest book, The Fastest Way To The Top, which is being hailed as a “Must Read”, for executives wishing to become the top of their profession is out now!

The Fastest Way To The Top ….And How To Stay There.

Director of Projects EMEA

Anne Rowan
Anne RowanDirector of Projects EMEA

Anne started her career in the City and spent 10 years in Corporate Banking and International Funds. Her final financial role was as Sales Director Africa, for a well known UK bank.

She moved into Business Transformation over 20 years ago and has worked with industry leaders in all functions, solving their immediate problems and project managing the solutions.

Anne is continuing her project management skills at COGENT, assisting FTSE 250 companies implementing their transformation solutions. She works with clients across a range of industries and has a passion for finding a solution to each challenge.

Anne leads the COGENT Project team across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


Fully Managed – Fully Owned – Fully Delivered

Unlike traditional consultancies, we don’t just tell you what to do based on theory. Our industry and functional experts provide real life solutions. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Once the strategy is agreed, our focus is on delivering your expectations. We work with you and your colleagues to achieve your outcomes. Imparting our unique knowledge and wisdom so that we leave a legacy long after our departure.

Empowering your people to achieve and learn at the same time is key to enhancing your business over the medium to long term.

Our ownership of your requirements allow you to focus upon the many areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that your outcome is being fully managed, fully owned and fully delivered in line with your expectations.


Our robust process ensures your project gets the attention it deserves right from the start.

All stakeholders get to input on the outcomes/deliverables that are required to create a brief that ensures everyone is aligned to achieve the assignment aims.

Using our project management team and industry expertise, we help to formulate a roadmap and establish key markers for a successful outcome.

It is our belief that a fundamental principle must be to ensure that our people are aligned with your culture. This allows us to work in synergy with your business and ensure we are imparting our knowledge and wisdom in order to provide you with a legacy, long after our departure.


Following the agreement of assignment deliverables, and having taken into account the culture and personalities of those involved, we conduct our internal discussions with our experts to provide you with a choice of our COGENT Executive.

It is our belief that to truly get the best result for a project, the synergies between you, your team and our representative is critical to success. That is why we provide you with 2-3 individuals for consideration from our selected panel for you to make the final decision.

Successful Results

Throughout the life-cycle of the project, we provide you with a clear overview of exactly what is taking place, what has been completed, and what is still required.

Your dedicated COGENT Project Director is responsible for providing you with a concise Project Management overview tool that is available 24/7.

Our commitment to achieving the agreed goals gives you complete assurance in our process, and control over the quality of work being conducted.


Our elite portfolio of COGENT Executives set us apart.

They are professionals who have ‘been there’ and ‘done it’.

Their experience has been derived from their many years of corporate life activity ensuring you gain the immense wisdom of what works and, importantly, what does not.

Our COGENT Executives do not base their actions purely on theory or ‘off the shelf solutions’. Our delivery process is tailor made for your environment.