The £18 Billion Blind Spot – Emperors New Clothes?

Is the UK's £18 billion management consulting industry merely an Emperor's New Clothes scenario? Dive into the provocative insights that challenge the effectiveness of billion-pound strategies. Click the link below to read the article: The £18 Billion Blind Spot - Is Management Consulting Broken in the UK

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COGENT Executive – CGI – Cabinet Office

COGENT Executive is immensely proud to announce that we have been selected as Ecosystem Partner with CGI for the UK Government’s Cabinet Office Strategic Delivery Partner programme. The five-year contract is valued at £100 million. The contract will partner with the CO Digital function to deliver a range of digital, data and technology services and

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The CTrO: Navigating New Frontiers

The Chief Transformation Officer: Navigating New Frontiers in Business Evolution   In an era marked by relentless change, the Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO) stands at the helm, guiding enterprises through the turbulent waters of digital disruption, cultural shifts, and market volatility. As we've previously discussed, the significance of the CTrO has surged, underscoring a strategic

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Challenging the norms – Time to disrupt convential thinking

Your aspirations deserve more than conventional approaches In the ever-evolving landscape of business, I find it essential to challenge the status quo, particularly in the realm of management consultancies. Too often, I've witnessed business leaders investing time and resources only to find themselves disappointed with the lack of tangible outcomes. It's a common tale –

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The Power of External Assistance

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, successfully delivering change and projects is crucial for organisational growth. This article highlights the undeniable benefits of seeking external assistance to drive change and project success. Supported by compelling evidence, it emphasises how external expertise brings fresh perspectives, specialised skills, and resources, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

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