What are the costs?

We provide a fixed daily rate for our services. We provide this figure to you in advance of undertaking any assignment. Each month, you are asked to confirm the days we have operated on your behalf. This gives you the ability to confirm that you are happy with the work that has been conducted and

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What if things change?

As with any plan, things can change. We will work with you to accommodate this change in events. This may include changing our COGENT Executive to ensure you have the very best assistance to guide you through any changes that you are experiencing, and/or reevaluating the timeline to facilitate your changes.

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What happens if we need to stop the project?

If for any reason you need to stop the assignment, our contractual terms allow for this to happen. We understand that sometimes things do not go to plan inside of an organisation, or there may be a change of direction. Our flexible programme takes this into consideration.

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Because of the way that our service operates, we are typically not involved with 'Inside' IR35 regulations, however, each project is examined to ensure full HMRC compliance. We provide you with a Statement of Work and can assist with Status Determinations if required. Our contractual terms are examined regularly to reflect any changes in legislation.

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