COGENT Executives

We only want to to use the consultative services.

No problem. We will work directly with you and your stakeholders to help you build a strategy around your thinking using our immensely experienced industry and/or functional expert, to help guide you through this process. We will then leave you with a delivered plan for you to implement.

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What if we need a team?

In some circumstances, the size and scale of a project may mean you need more than just one COGENT Executive. In these instances, we work closely with you to ensure that not only do we provide you with the experience and knowledge that you need, but that our team of COGENT Executives work well together

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Can we choose what COGENT Executive we prefer?

Absolutely! We believe that it is imperative that you have the opportunity to select who you wish to work with. Culture, character and personality are key elements of getting a solution right. This is why we always provide you with 2-3 COGENT Executives, all of whom have the background and experience you require so that

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Can we use your services as a recruitment tool?

The short answer is No. We provide a service that at its heart is delivering a tangible outcome for your business. If your requirement is one of, gap management without any specific and key deliverables that can be monitored and assessed, we would suggest you look at Interim Management as a potential alternative to your

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What is Transition Management?

Put simply, it is a method of businesses accessing the full range of services from conception to delivery of a project/assignment. Further and more detailed information can be found on this website.

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What is a COGENT Executive?

Our team of COGENT Executives represent the elite 3% of their industry and/or function. They have previously worked within industry and built an enviable, and for many, synonymous track record. Having reached a senior level within their field, they have actively chosen to operate as a portfolio professional, providing their services and speciality to clients

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